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100% generated API documentation

Generate your OpenAPI specifications (Swagger) for Laravel projects, host your API documentation and notify your team when new changes are made.

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Keep your API documentation up-to-date

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We generate OpenAPI specifications that you can use with any tool that supports OpenAPI 3.0.

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Made for Laravel

Laradoc has a deep understanding of Laravel projects, so you don't have to add any PHPDoc annotations.

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Team Collaboration

Grant your collaborators access to your API documentation and let them be notified when new changes are made.

API endpoint documentation

Spend time on your code, not on your OpenAPI specs

As your Laravel project grows, manually writing and maintaining your OpenAPI specs (OAS) becomes a nearly impossible task. That's where Laradoc comes in.

  • Automatic analysis of your Laravel code and your tests
  • No annotation or PHPDoc needed
  • High-quality OpenAPI 3.1 specifications

Always the right JSON responses

Because Laradoc runs and analyzes your Laravel tests, you can be sure that the HTTP response examples are always accurate and up-to-date.

Your project doesn't have tests?

OpenAPI specifications will still be written, without real-world examples of your API requests and response.

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Documentation of an API endpoint


Over 400 API docs have been written by Laradoc

Laradoc clicked for me almost immediately. Happy user since the first public release! I've never had an API doc so well kept up-to-date.

Martin Riedweg
Martin Riedweg
Founder of Kodiaak

Laravel ecosystem is known for the amazing developer experience it provides. Laradoc brings it to API docs!

Vincent Wargnier
Vincent Wargnier
for FID21

I never want to maintain Postman collections again. There is no going back!

Juliette Legrand
Juliette Legrand

Laradoc is the *best* way I found to document an API built with Laravel. I can't imagine doing it without it anymore.

Arthur N.
Tech @ Muniter

Using it for Nomad Living, I'm a big fan of Laradoc. Front-end devs no longer bother me to tell me that the API documentation needs to be updated.

Remy Broun
Remy Broun

Thanks to the Laradoc team for helping us integrate it into our CI/CD. I really appreciate the accuracy of the API documentation it generates.

Mike Ringelstein
Mike Ringelstein
Lead Tech at Tiime
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How does it work?


Analyzing your code

Laradoc analyzes your Laravel project to detect API endpoints, route and body parameters, and their rules.


Running your tests

Laradoc runs your test to deeply understand how your API works and what your endpoints return.


Writing your OpenAPI specs

We gather all the information collected previously to generate OpenAPI specifications that you can download or open on Laradoc.

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Simple, fixed pricing.

Our pricing is simple: one fixed plan that you can pay for either monthly or yearly. Billing is per project, regardless of how many people you give access to your API documentation.

Monthly Plan

Simple month-to-month pricing.

$69 /month
  • 7-day free trial
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited updates
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Annual Plan

Simplify your bookkeeping.

$700 /year
  • 7-day free trial
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited updates
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How to compare two OpenAPI files?

Laradoc doesn't yet provide a built-in way to generate a changelog for changes made to your API. However, you can use OpenAPI-diff, a tool to easily compare two specifications and detect breaking changes on your API.