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Laradoc simplifies API documentation management for Laravel projects. It generates, hosts, and securely manages access to your API documentation, while keeping your team informed with the latest changes made to your endpoints.

What is Laradoc?

Laradoc lets you enjoy the benefits of OpenAPI without the hassle. It generates OpenAPI specifications from your Laravel project, and saves you from the tedious task of writing them by hand.

Your API documentation will always be accurate and up-to-date.

After generating OpenAPI specifications, you can opt to either download them or access them through a documentation viewer.

Laravel API Documenation


  • PHP >= 7.4
  • Laravel >= 8.0
  • Git repository hosted on GitHub or GitLab

How does it work?

The analysis of your project is performed on our infrastructure, within an ephemeral and containerized environment where the following steps are conducted:

  1. Project installation
  2. Static analysis
  3. Running project tests (PHPUnit or Pest)
  4. Results aggregation and processing
  5. Generation of an OpenAPI document
No worries

You don't need to have tests in your project. However, they help to create accurate examples for request body parameters and responses.

Laradoc is not limited to generating OpenAPI documents. It offers a comprehensive experience covering all aspects of API documentation, including hosting, access management for your collaborators, Git branches integration, CI/CD integration, an editor to make final touch-ups, or a changelog generator for tracking new changes.